Trapezoid Batting Cage Little League 10x10x30 ft. NET

Trapezoid Batting Cage Little League 10x10x30 ft. NET
Item# trapezoid-batting-cage-little-league-10x10x30-ft-net-fra101030

Product Description

Pro Quality at a Backyard Price. Two people can set this up and tear it down in under an hour. This trapezoid batting cage is perfect for backyards and small spaces. The cage is also free standing so you don't have to mess up your yard with any permanent fixtures. Set it up when the season starts, take it down and store it when it ends! We use fittings that is heavier and stronger than others.

Compare tubing diameter. While others use 3/4" EMT fittings, AtlantaBattingCage uses 1-3/8" Fittings.

Nylon netting stronger than HPDE net #21 Nylon net 1 3/4 by 1 3/4 in. Square mesh Uv Treated for indoor or outdoor This netting is great for home use. If you have power hitters or if you need to get heavier net, look for our #30 net ( high school )

Package Includes: #21 Nylon knotted net Frame Corner Fittings


Frame Dimensions Height:9 ft. Depth: 36 ft. Top: 10 ft. Base: 14 ft.

If the size you need the frame or netting is not listed, Please contact us.

We custom made netting and frames, Any size and any shape.